Knowing and Understanding Things that Make Women Dislike You

Things that make women dislike you

When a guy pursues a girl, he will certainly do loads of things to attract or impress her. Some men will even go beyond their ability and capability to make the girl attracted to her. However, there are some wrong moves that most guys often do. The worst part is that they don’t even realize that they are making mistakes. So if any guy wants to avoid such mistakes, they need to know the things that make women dislike you. If they do these stuffs, they will certainly be considered as wimp and the women will give them really hard time.

Understanding Women
The reason why women are doing what they do is because they know they are the center of attention; no matter what. Most women are being chased, wanted, and pursued. It is a common role for the men to be the hunter and the women to be the subject – that’s the common rules and regulations in the world. Because of this reason and factor, loads of women are getting bored with the same play. The same routine will make them sick to the core. Not to mention that there are some qualities that they consider as wimpy and crappy. Basically, women all need to feel secured and protected and if they see that the men chasing them are crappy and weak, how could they feel safe and secured?

The Most Common Mistakes Ever Done
One of the things that will make women lose interest is if the guy is being weak and wimpy. Being weak isn’t always associated with physical strength. Being weak can also related to mental condition and not-so-strong will and determination. For example, when a guy and a girl is going out on a date and yet they haven’t decided where to go, and the guy says, “I’ll go anywhere you want me to.”, it is not a spot of weakness – yet. But when it happens again and again all the time, it is definitely a sign of weakness and girls hate that. Maybe the guy wants to be a type of guy that offers his girl a chance to choose whatever she wants, but he can show it off without looking so wimp and weak. It would be better if the guy can decide a certain spot first and then ask the girl whether she agrees or not. That will give him a sense of power and the girl gets this sense that he is the main who knows what he wants. Deep down inside, most girls like to have ‘rather bossy’ guy – but not too much – because they know that this kind of man will lead them and protect them. So, being weak is a big no-no for a guy.

Another thing that can put off a woman’s desire is being needy. All men are basically selfish creature that likes to be pampered, but most of them don’t show them because they have to wear a façade of being strong and manly. But they will usually reveal that softie side when they are intimate within someone. But when they have revealed that softie and needy side during the first date, women won’t be interested in them. On the contrary, they will dislike the gesture because they don’t like it. They know that even men have soft sides, but it doesn’t mean that they need to show it off to the world – especially during the first period of their meetings and encounters. After all, being needy and clingy all the time is some kind of a bit disgusting – especially for guys.

Another aspect that women don’t like from a guy is them being too pushy. Knowing what they want and how to achieve the goal is one thing, but being too pushy and forces their way too much is also annoying. For women, this kind of thing is offensive and disrespectful. No women will fall over a guy who is too pushy and also too stubborn to realize it. For them, being pushy is showing the arrogance side of them and they dislike arrogant men. So, for men out there, if you want to capture the heart of the woman you like, be sure that you don’t do these things that make women dislike you. If you aren’t sure about it, try doing them and see what it brings you.

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