How To Get Over a Truly Devastating Breakup

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A breakup always sucks; there is no two ways about it. Even if you are the one doing the breaking up, you will feel badly, at least for a day or two. Things are even more difficult when you are the one on the receiving end of the breakup. If it happens to be a girl you really loved (or were heading towards loving) that is breaking up with you, it can be devastating.
How To Improve Your Charisma & Make Anybody Like You

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Have you ever noticed how some people captivate everyone they talk to? No matter what they appear like or just how much money they have, they can walk into a room and instantly be the centerpiece. People think extremely of them and desire to imitate them when they leave. That's charisma, a sort of magnetism that inspires confidence and adoration.
The Men’s Guide To First Date (#2) – 10 Type Of Ideal Women You Should Pickup

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You have to pick your kind of women, based on particular qualities. In selecting, seek for compatibility instead of physical appearance. The usual mistake most men make is overlooking compatibility in favor of the physical appearance of the girl.
The Men's Guide To First Date

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There are first time for everything, included the first date. Every guy wish to have awesome first date. But what is the vital factors that make it best?

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It’s the end of the great date with a girl you like. This might happen after a first date, but it will usually be a further one, that you’ll feel ready to take a step on move to a more intimate, sexual phase in your relationship.
A trip to the theatre: a classy way to pull, but don’t get it wrong!

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Most of the important early stages in a potential ...
6 Body Language Mistakes to Avoid

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Body language is the trait that either enhance, or even kill your romantic attraction. And we still do it without be conscious of it. However learning from the mistakes is the ways of self-improvement. This infographic from OpenForum will reveals the most body language mistakes that many people always do, and we should avoid.
30 Signs Of Attraction How To Tell If A Girl Likes You

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How to tell if she likes you? This is a hard one question that you and many guys want to know. In this info graphic will tell you about signs of attractions.
The biggest coward is a man who awakens a woman's love with no intention of loving her. - Bob Marley

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The biggest coward is a man who awakens a woman's love with no intention of loving her. - Bob Marley
99 Years Old "True Hero"

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Dobri Dobrev, a 99 years old homeless man in City of Sofia, Bulgaria. He's got nothing but he have a big heart. After I reading his story, I learned something about "Don't judging people by their appearance" and realized what is the real hero. I salute him from the bottom of my heart. He's my inspiration and a real-life hero.
100 No-Equipment Workouts

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This is a free sample of many workout plans that you never need some equipment. You can do these workout even have less time. Do it regularly and be sexy!
The Science Behide a Happy Relationship

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This infographic reveal what make couple have a happy relationship. It will also provides some tips to improve your romantic relationship as well.